Wiped film extraction system for plant extraction. The system can run under a full vacuum to prevent over temperature of sensitive plant material.

Our latest essential oil/ gin distiller.

Ph measure and control (both acid and base addition), calibra-tion routine for Ph calibration.

This design is specifically made for testing of gas production during fermentation. The stirrer bearing is completely sealed with the use of our own custom designed, magnetic coupled stirrer bearing.

We recently introduced temperature measurement and control into our designs.

Temperature controlled waterbath with glass reaction vessel and anchor stirrer.

Vacuum filtration system with individual waste reservoirs.

Reflux heating system with phase controlled heating elements.

This unit was designed for solvent recovery like Ethanol, Methanol, Hexane , Acetone etc…

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Wine Testing

Wine Testing

GLASSCHEM Compact distillation units for the determination of free and bound sulphur dioxide, volatile acids and alcohols are supplied pre-assembled on stainless steel mounting frames, ready to connect to your existing services and are available in different configurations to suit different laboratories requirements. All instruments are based on accepted primary methodologies.

Recently, alcohol stills and variants has been released and added to the range.

Sub Categories

Alcohol Stills (5)

For the determination of the alcoholic content in wine samples.
Alcohol Stills

Aspiration Sulphur (4)

These apparatuses were designed to do aspiration sulfur analysis in wine and grape juices.
Aspiration Sulphur

Volatile Acidity (4)

These stills are designed to determine the amount of volatile acid present in wine as gram per liter.
Volatile Acidity

Combination units (3)

Combine units of Volatile acidity, Aspiration Sulfur and Alcohol to be as compact as possible.
Combination units




This instrument measures the boiling point of the alcohol mixture and compares it to the boiling point of water at that specific atmospheric condition.