Wiped film extraction system for plant extraction. The system can run under a full vacuum to prevent over temperature of sensitive plant material.

Our latest essential oil/ gin distiller.

Ph measure and control (both acid and base addition), calibra-tion routine for Ph calibration.

This design is specifically made for testing of gas production during fermentation. The stirrer bearing is completely sealed with the use of our own custom designed, magnetic coupled stirrer bearing.

We recently introduced temperature measurement and control into our designs.

Temperature controlled waterbath with glass reaction vessel and anchor stirrer.

Vacuum filtration system with individual waste reservoirs.

Reflux heating system with phase controlled heating elements.

This unit was designed for solvent recovery like Ethanol, Methanol, Hexane , Acetone etc…

Beerflasks 250 - 5000ml

Beerflasks 250 - 5000ml


These volumetric flasks are used in bottling of wine to determine the allowable tollerance in the filling. We supply them with our own internal calibration certificate but for an extra charge we can get the SANNAS certified for audit applications.

Beerflask 250ml       Beerflask 250ml

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