Ph measure and control (both acid and base addition), calibra-tion routine for Ph calibration.

This design is specifically made for testing of gas production during fermentation. The stirrer bearing is completely sealed with the use of our own custom designed, magnetic coupled stirrer bearing.

We recently introduced temperature measurement and control into our designs.

Temperature controlled waterbath with glass reaction vessel and anchor stirrer.

Vacuum filtration system with individual waste reservoirs.

Reflux heating system with phase controlled heating elements.

This unit was designed for solvent recovery like Ethanol, Methanol, Hexane , Acetone etc…

Screwthread adapter with side arm

Screwthread adapter with side arm


This adapter is mainly used to insert thermometers into glass vessels. The plastic screwcap compresses a silicone washer to ensure a good seal around the body of the thermometer. The side arm is mainly used to draw a vacuum or to attach a pipe for feeding liquid into the vessel. Another use is to insert a gas inlet pipe into the glass vessel.

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