• Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd

    Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd has been supplying the scientific community nationally with chemicals, consumables and equipment since 1987, from their network of warehouses across Australia.

    A dedicated team of industry experienced sales professionals are available in each state to provide solutions for your applications, and a comprehensive online store featuring in excess of 100,000 products is available to take orders 24/7.

    Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd are the Australian exclusive distributor for Glasschem products.

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  • Astori Lab

    Astori Lab specializes in the supply of quality products and tools for agro-food analysis laboratories, and has become an industry leader, able to propose solutions "unique" and absolutely original.

    They have been developing commercial agreements with selected manufacturers for exclusive distribution of peculiar scientific instruments, kits and other complementary products.

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  • Mosti Mondiale

    Mosti Mondiale is committed to creating premium wine making products inspired by their timeless wine making tradition.

    Sourced from all over the world, Mosti Mondiale's fresh grape must winemaking kits introduce all the natural characteristics found in wines made from grapes in order to guarantee all home winemakers with wines of exceptional character, color, bouquet and taste.

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  • Technipunch

    The main focus of Technipunch is to supply precision sheet metal components to a vast variety of markets ranging from Aviation, electronics and up to the wine industry.

    The company invested in German CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) punching and bending machinery to insure both quality and consistency of product. These advanced machinery also increases their product range and flexibility.

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