Wine Testing

Wine Testing

Wine Testing

GLASSCHEM Compact distillation units for the determination of free and bound sulphur dioxide, volatile acids and alcohols are supplied pre-assembled on stainless steel mounting frames, ready to connect to your existing services and are available in different configurations to suit different laboratories requirements. All instruments are based on accepted primary methodologies.

Recently, alcohol stills and variants has been released and added to the range.

Product Range

Alcohol Still OH-6 (6 Place)

Alcohol Stills

For the determination of the alcoholic content in wine samples.

Aspiration Sulphur SO2-8 (8Place)

Aspiration Sulphur

These apparatuses were designed to do aspiration sulfur analysis in wine and grape juices.

Volatile Acidity VA-6 (6 Place)

Volatile Acidity

These stills are designed to determine the amount of volatile acid present in wine as gram per liter.

Four Sulphur Single VA Single Alcohol

Combination units

Combine units of Volatile acidity, Aspiration Sulfur and Alcohol to be as compact as possible.

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